Understanding Snoring: Causes and Solutions with Snoring Relief Pillows

Understanding Snoring: Causes and Solutions with Snoring Relief Pillows

45% of adults have an issue that keeps their partner up all night: loud and jarring snoring. Their partner encounters problems sleeping at night, while they see the repercussions of snoring in the morning as fatigue. Snoring loudly is not an issue for one person but for everyone sleeping in the same room. 

For one, snoring can be stressful, as it frequently deters a partner from sleeping well. "Snoring can create real problems in a marriage," says a snoring specialist at Capital Otolaryngology in Austin, Texas.

Not only is snoring an aggravation, but 75% of individuals who snore have obstructive sleep apnea. A sleeping condition is when breathing is interrupted during sleep for brief periods, which increases the chances of developing heart disease. 

Let's begin with comprehending the basics to bring forth a progressive outlook about understanding the root cause of snoring and the perfect solution

What is snoring?

Snoring is a guffawing, rattling, or grumbling noise some individuals make during sleep. It occurs when an obstacle in the breathing passageway is present.

Snoring is expected and normal for many individuals as everyone, including newborns and young children, snores at any point in their lives. But loud, harsh snoring may suggest sleep apnea, which forces you to halt breathing during sleep time. You should contact your healthcare provider if snoring is connected with apneic episodes and other signs like tiredness or fatigue.

Main Causes of Snoring

In the hours when individuals are awake, the tissues in the upper airway and throat are loose, and air penetrates the lungs effortlessly for many individuals. But when asleep, the tongue and soft tissues relax, partially obstructing the airway. If the air entering and going out of the passageway encounters opposition, vibration can happen, forcing snoring.

Significant factors that cause the airways to obstruct the passageway:

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Sleeping on your back

  • Smoking

  • Cold congestion 

  • Utilizing depressants

  • A swerved septum

  • Being male

  • Pregnancy

  • Genetic characteristics

The above aspects lead to loud snoring at night, but you must wonder about a solution that brings sound sleep and comfortable nights. 

Snoring Relief Pillow: The Supreme Comfort Assistant

There are numerous methods for people to overcome sleeping problems and bring relief to their lives and those of their partners. But the condor assistant people have been looking for is a snoring relief pillow. Whether the issue is posture or airway passage, it aligns the spinal cord symmetrically. 

An orthopedic pillow relieves sleep apnea but resolves certain other problems. The other advantages of a snoring relief pillow are mentioned below:

  • Prevent Back Pain

  • Helps with Severe Neck Pain

  • Relaxes Body During Stress

  • Spinal Cord Alignment

  • Improved Sleeping Position

  • Eliminating Fatigue

Not only does the snoring relief pillow assist with snoring problems, but it also offers all the above-mentioned benefits, helping in the long term. 


One must understand that sound and comfortable sleep resolves the snoring problem and aids in other aspects of life. For instance, the snoring relief pillow can eliminate tiredness throughout the day.

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