The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow


The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow

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The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow is a patented orthopedic and cervical pillow that alleviates spine-related pain through proprietary support and decompression.

As the spine, head and body are put in a 100% neutral position, inflammation and muscle tension decreases, allowing the spine, disks and muscles to relax, heal and re-align, effectively alleviating most spine-related pain.

Subtle gravitational spinal decompression through the user’s own body weight also corrects mis-placed disks and helps to further reduce inflammation and pain.

No other orthopedic pillow, device or therapy accomplishes these essential elements which are needed for non-invasive and comprehensive pain relief.

(US Patent 10,835,063)