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My clinical practice received a male patient born 7/8/1966. He has been a patient since 2012. The patient has visited my chiropractic office regularly every week for the last eight years. The patient underwent a variety of chiropractic care, primarily consisting of spinal adjustments. Over this time, the patient’s spine was usually tense. Approximately one year ago, the patient began using the above mentioned DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow. After approximately one week of use, the client’s spine was significantly easier to adjust and the patient reported remarkable improvement in the neck and back symptoms, including relief from stiffness, pain and discomfort.

Dr. Cason Davis
HT Chiropractor
Austin, TX

Patients Love It

I have had several patients report having very positive experiences, including tension and pain relief.

Dr. Renee Hilmer
Austin, TX


Chronic neck and pain can be extremely frustrating. Using a traditional orthopedic or regular pillow usually increases tension on certain areas of the spine, making it difficult to heal, usually resulting in more pain. The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow properly supports your spine while releasing muscle and nerve tension surrounding the spine as well as subtle decompression. This simple solution can cure most neck and back pain. However, The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow does have certain limitations, especially for curing pain due to certain diseases and permanent injuries. While it cannot cure all spinal pain, it can cure most spinal pain and provide some relief even if it doesn’t cure the pain completely. If the DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow does not allow you to obtain the relief you are seeking, it is recommended to see your physician, an orthopedic specialist and/or a pain doctor. Given the cost and effectiveness, it is recommended to try the DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow first, before electing for surgery or any invasive procedures.

For best results, put one or two pillows underneath the head portion of The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow to create a 15—20 degree incline. The hard base within the pillow ensures your body stays in the correct position while you sleep. An increased incline may not be necessary, but if the symptoms are severe, a 15—20 degree incline is usually required to alleviate both acid reflux and sleep apnea.

The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow can be used on a flat surface, such as a bed or the floor to cure neck and back pain, or in a reclined position. Since both are effective, the user can alternate between a flat or reclined position based on the user’s preferences. The reclined position does allow for less tension to be put on the neck. Thus, if you are primarily suffering from neck pain, it would be a good idea to try the inclined position as well as the flat position.

Yes! Bad posture can lead to a variety of complications and cause the spine’s natural curve to straighten, creating significant stress on the joints, discs, ligaments, and muscles not only in the spine but the entire body. The design and shape of The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow are aimed at spinal health, relieving back and neck pain, and improving posture. The structural foam panels inside the pillow improve the spine health and posture for the three distinct spinal curves in the neck (cervical), midback (thoracic), and low back (lumbar). After using The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow, you will notice you stand up taller and straighter. Continued use of five to fifteen minutes before going to bed is recommended to maintain spine health and proper posture.

Yes, for additional cost.

The pillow is approximately 13 inches wide and 36 inches long and weighs 4-5 pounds / 2 kilos.

The pillow can start to provide noticeable relief for most neck and back pain within a few days when used as directed. Lie on the pillow for five-fifteen minutes before going to bed at night, five-fifteen minutes before getting out of bed in the morning, and throughout the day as needed.

Yes, The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow reduces mild sleep apnea and snoring for most people. Sleeping at an incline with proper positioning of your jaw, throat, and tongue is often recommended to help decrease snoring and assist with positional sleep apnea. The patented design of The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow allows you to sleep comfortably on your back or your side in a flat or reclined position. Add a pillow between your head and The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow for sleeping on your side. Individual results vary and depend on the severity of the condition and the overall health of the individual. The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow does not replace a CPAP machine but can be used in conjunction with it.

Yes, but first discuss using the pillow with your doctor before use.

Yes, however it is recommended to start off with 15 minute increments before sleeping on the pillow all night.

Currently, we have a one-size fits all. However, different sizes will be available in the future.

Yes, the pillow cover is removable via a zipper, can be washed and replacement covers are available

Yes! It is recommended to integrate The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow with the above therapies. Using it before any chiropractic adjustment can make it easier and more comfortable for spinal adjustments as tension is released and the spine is slightly decompressed. In addition, The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow can be used after therapy to minimize tension, allowing maximum effectiveness from the therapy.

Yes, the pillow is assembled in the US by an American-owned manufacturer.