Can anti-snore pillows actually help your partner stop snoring?

Can anti-snore pillows actually help your partner stop snoring?

Life with a partner who is facing sleep apnea issues can be uncomfortable. The constant prevalence of snores in the bedroom can sometimes lead to sleepless nights for the one without sleep apnea. But the love remains in the pictures, and the desire to help your partner brought you here for solutions. 

Before suggesting suitable pillows for sleep apnea treatment, let us answer a few questions.

  • Does your partner snore once they fall asleep?
  • Do they feel tired after waking up?
  • Is 7-8 hours of sleep not enough for them?

  • If the answer to all these questions is yes, then we must tell you that your partner has sleep apnea. You might be wondering what sleep apnea is and how it relates to snoring. Let us go in-depth to shed light on a common issue people face. 

    What is Sleep Apnea?

    Sleep apnea is a severe sleeping disorder in which breathing starts and stops while the person is heavily asleep and their body relaxes. It occurs either because of an obstructed airway or because the brain cannot accurately govern breathing while sleeping.

    The consequent shortage of oxygen triggers a survival reflex that wakes the person up and allows them to start breathing easily. Considering that the reflex keeps you alive, it also disturbs your sleep cycle. This entire functioning prevents restful sleep and can have other consequences, including accentuating your heart, which can have fatal consequences.

    What are the Factors of Sleep Apnea?

    Another question that might be popping into your head is how your partner has sleep apnea, considering its severity. Let us state all the factors that explain why people get sleep apnea. 

    • Being Overweight
    • Large Neck Circumference
    • Narrowed Airway
    • Bad Sleeping Postures
    • Improper Spine Alignment
    • Older Age
    • Family History of Disorder
    • Smoking
    • Use of Alcohol, Sedatives, or Tranquilizers
    • Nasal Congestion

    These can be reasons why your partner may have sleep apnea. To begin with the solution to all your and your partner’s problems, let us understand the concept of orthopedic pillows for sleep apnea. 

    Why are Pillows for Sleep Apnea Treatment Essential?

    Regular pillows are built with the mentality of one size fits all, but pillows for sleep apnea treatment are built to elevate the head positioning. 

    • Pillows for sleep apnea treatment can assist you in accommodating and upholding sleep positions that allow you to position your head satisfactorily to open your airways and help reduce snoring.

    • Pillows can help you hold a side sleeping position with your head elevated. Side-sleeping is a suitable position for sleep apnea treatment and can provide adequate head and neck support and arm ease to help you sleep soundly on your side through the night.

    These pillows work as back pain relief treatments, aligning the spine and ensuring the correct position.


    Now that you are fully aware of your partner’s sleep apnea problem, it is time to take action and bring them the comfort they need in their lives. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win purchase for both of you.

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