My name is Bryan! I am the creator of The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow! The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow® healed three severely herniated disks in my neck that caused debilitating chronic pain, neck spasms and back spasms for ten years. Despite consulting many doctors and trying every known existing remedy and therapy available, the pain progressively worsened until it was unbearable. Disk replacement surgery was the only medical option given to me. I obviously wanted to avoid disk-replacement surgery at all costs and dreaded living the rest of my life with constant pinch-nerve pain, spasms, and taking strong pain
medications. As a last-ditch effort to avoid surgery, I thought up the initial design concept for The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow® - a support structure to the back, shoulders, spine and head that served as an exoskeleton to the body and acted similar to a cast for a broken arm to allow the spine and body to heal. As tension and stress are transferred from the neck, back and shoulders to the pillow, pressure and inflammation subsides, allowing the spine, disks and body to relax and heal. In addition, the structural support and positioning of the pillow allows for subtle spinal gravitational decompression which also helps the disks to heal and rehydrate.

After making the first prototype, I noticed immediate tension release, nothing like I experienced before with any other pillow or therapy—and I literally tried
everything out there! In just three weeks, my neck pain was almost completely gone with a full recovery in a few months! Since using the pillow, I have been
able to be physically active again without any pain or risk of spasms. It truly saved my life!

I spent six years developing the original concept into what I believe to be a perfect support pillow that everyone can enjoy and benefit from in a variety of
different ways. I’m very grateful to be able to now live a life without back spasms and pinched nerve pain in my neck and shoulders.

The proprietary support of The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow® can improve your overall physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, provide rejuvenation, pain relief,
and unmatched comfort to your spine and body! I truly hope The DaVinci Orthopedic Pillow® is as beneficial to you as it was to me!


Watch demo yoga videos of pillow here:

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